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Wow it's been practically a year since I've done a new journal post, so I suppose talking about Comic Con is better than anything else to talk about.

Well it was certainly a fun experience overall, there was somethings that were just weird. The pain in my feet and shoulders was brutal, but still I suppose it's worth it for the experience. I mainly hung out with :icongansaku-no-hasu:, :icondorkpanda:, :iconitsjustsami: and other friends. They ate all my food and drinks, but a little late and I wish they ate sooner cause I brought so much and no one ate it. I also got dragged to taking a lot of pictures at booths where they print out a picture for you at Viz Media and the Yu-Gi-Oh booth. A lot of them I wish I could burn, but my friends have copies of them... There was also a lot of going around for freebies, including getting like 5 bags of the same kind. While it is nice getting freebies, I know immediately that half of these I will never use or remember about them. Speaking of which, does anyone want a free Viz Media bag?

Some of the things I learned from Comic Con is that I need to bring less supplies. Also that I hate the security at Comic Con so much... They try and act so tough, but it just comes off as being complete jerks. The con makes me also realize that I honestly don't care about movie stars, but I do love seeing people from the internet. I suppose that makes me a little weird, but I'm happy with that.

I'll just mention the really big or significant things that happened each day.

Thursday: My first day of the con started out with me getting my badge, which was surprisingly quick and easy. After that I met up with my friends involving us looking around, taking pictures for them and finally taking my first photo at the yu-gi-oh booth. After that I went to wait for a panel for Roosterteeth, I was surprised and worried when I saw how big the group was. The security said the part of the line I was in probably wouldn't be able to get in. Eventually they let people in and my line weirdly merged and separated with everyone else. The security then said there was no more room left and the people I ended up with talked to me and we started to complain to ourselves. Luckily we continued to wait it out and they let more people in and we rushed in. We were in the back corner, but then someone told us there were seats closer in the middle. We gladly moved up and the panel was awesome seeing the stuff they planned and hearing the q and a. Eventually I talked to the two people I went in with and it turns out they actually work for microsoft. I was so surprised when we actually started talking and one of them even gave me their email since I told them how I support Roosterteeth. Later on, I stopped by the Artist Alley and it was sort of cool that the artists I bought/commissioned from last year, recognized me.

Friday: DorkPanda brought my Black Mage cosplay and I decided to wear it. For like only an hour or two... After that I slowly changed to my regular clothing. While my friends were getting some freebies, some random girl with dyed hair came up to me and started saying she was Sonic. I was confused and went along with it for a second, but then she started talking about Eggman and I got freaked out. When I got the chance to leave, I left to follow my friends. The day ended with me going back to the Artist Alley and buying/commissioning from the artists that I went to last year. Oh and sometime during the day my stupid con bag ripped on me and I had to either drag or grip it the rest of the day. Not fun. Let's just say there was a lot of alternating between my hands and wanting to just drop the bag and leave all my stuff behind.

Saturday: Arrived way too early, before the con opened up, but for some strange reason I was wandering around and apparently I found somewhere they were letting people in early. It was nice and weird to get in early since there were barely any people there and I could actually walk. While it was still open I got the chance to buy some stuff. It was cool talking to the webcomic artist, Kris Straub and getting his Chainsawsuit books with sketches in them. I also bought a DVD set from the Roosterteeth booth, but I was too nervous to actually really have much of a conversation with them. A few minutes later I realized I didn't pay them, so I went back and paid them. They joked about gladly taking my money and there was honestly conflict in my brain about it. I know it was the right thing to do, but part of me was like you could have used that money for something. I also finally got a chance to hang out with :iconvixyl: after not seeing her in ages. It was nice seeing her, even though it felt brief and quick. Also I went looking for Gansaku-no-Hasu's present and then finally buying it in front of her.

Sunday: This day was pretty chill for the most part. A lot of it was just sitting around or playing cards with itsjustsami, which her cards hate me... The rest of my time was spent trying to something for another friend's birthday. At the last minute I decided to stop by The Behemoth booth and look at what they were selling. I decided to buy a keychain, phone charm, and poster. I was surprised to see their artist, Dan Paladin there. I was even more surprised when he actually included a sketch along with signing my poster. Not too significant, but later I paid for a friend's "late" present and we later got some dice with emotions on them. It was actually Gansaku-no-Hasu's birthday and I got someone to look through someone to look over her art. It also took me forever to give her present, even though she already knew what it was. Hopefully she liked it.

So that sums up this year's Comic Con for me. I wouldn't say it was perfect, but it was definitely one of the better ones. Looking forward to going next year, but I can't believe they already sold out of the four day passes with preview night. Oh well, make sure to learn the year after. Also hopefully I'll be able to go to AX next year and be able to meet someone next year. =]


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